Daily Prompt: Ironic


Photo credits to: deadstate.org

10,000 Spoons

You can say a situation is ironic, if you hope for something and end up being disappointed. Sometimes hoping hurts more than anything that is painful in life when things turn out not to be the way you wanted or you’re hoping it would be.

I remember the time that I was so hyped for my new laptop. I was hoping for a really good one- Touchscreen, 2-in-1, and BIG memory, since my uncle promised me that he will give me a very good one that I will truly like,but I was so devastated (I am still now) when I received my new blue HP laptop.

Touchscreen? NO.

2-in-1 ? NO.

Has BIG memory? NO.

So I know how it feels. I REALLY KNOW.

But still thanks to my Β uncle πŸ™‚


P.S. Β My first ever post from Daily Prompt. English is not my first language πŸ™‚


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