What Should You Treasure The Most?



Photo credits to @DAISYfied


Nobody knows the future, or when will the future happen. Time passes by very fast, you wont be able to see it coming. Since the world is busy, it’s not that important how time runs, but in the end you tend to notice it when it’s almost done or it’s already gone.

You will only realize it when you miss it, and in the end… you will have regrets. Life goes on like this. People. Are. Always. Like.This. They don’t know, or YOU! Yes You! You don’t know how to treasure every minute of your life. You just keep on complaining,and being mad to the world. Life is not about how stupid the people are around you, or how your head hurts during traffics. You always see and know the bad things in life, but you don’t see and know what you are missing.

A butterfly can live 2 to 10 days, or if they are lucky enough,two weeks. So if you would live like butterflies, would you be able to complain about life?  would you be able to be angry with your friends?. A butterfly can’t complain about the bad things around them because, they  can only live for few days.What I am saying live life to the fullest, since you’re are given this life. Life is HARD. Damn NO!. It’s the humans’ mindset. YOU ARE GIVEN THIS LIFE BECAUSE YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO LIVE IT.

Treasure things that are precious to you, you may not see it now but when keep on ignore it, you will end up how a normal person will be. Don’t think about your problems,or run away from it, face it by being strong and laughing at it, always think positive. Be something different, live a happy life. When there are opportunities coming, grab it! If you keep failing, laugh hard, do it again. Treasure your family,respect your mom, hug your dad, play with your siblings, instead of shouting at your mom, complaining to your dad about your allowance, or fighting with you siblings, because in the end all of the good memories you made with them are more precious that gold and diamonds, they will be PRICELESS, that no money can buy. If you do these beautiful things, at the end of the day, you will be able to say ” I HAD LIVE A GOOD LIFE